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A Better Logbook

Hi, I'm the developer of eLogSite, I started with Flagship, spent 16 years with American Eagle/Envoy and am now at American. As a new hire I diligently logged my flight time, but it wasn't long before I got really, really tired of keeping track of the times. It wasn't just the times, but the never ending Jepp updates and the constant bulletins and revisions to the company manuals (we didn't have iPads back then :) ... well ... I was busy, man! It wasn't too long before I started missing a flight here and there, then my family came along and suddenly an entire sequence would go by without a flight logged. Then I lost one of my red books, and all I had was a box full of HI3's. I had about three years worth of HI3's to log but it wasn't until I started to sort them that I realized that HI3's don't have a year on them — well, I knew I was in trouble.

If you have ever had to deal with any of this, then you know my pain. I was really tired of it all and wanted something better. I wanted a log book that I couldn't lose, and that was easy to keep updated. I had had enough, and I quit logging entirely. This worked for a while and life was good! ... Then I got a call for an interview, and suddenly life was upside down again. I needed a miracle to get my logbook up to date, and even if I did, it was going to be messy and who knows how accurate it would have been.

Well, I'll stop with the story to just tell you that those events led me to create what is today eLogSite. It has been years in the making and started out a simple computer script that now has been re-written several times and today is a powerful web application with literally tens of thousands of lines of code. It's an awesome platform that is going to allow us to do some really cool things for your log book in the future. But most importantly, it's a logbook that you can't lose, and that can update itself each month through JetNet. Soooooo ... finally ... the log book that I always wanted!

I hope that you will enjoy not having to worry about your logbook as much as I have enjoyed this new freedom. Please contact me anytime with any questions, problems, or just suggestions — I'd love to hear from you.

So please, stop loggin' and start livin'  life man!

Blue skies and calm winds to you.


Justice Campbell, September 2011